Thursday, 5 August 2010

Gallery: Yuri The Axe

Finally finished and ready to join the Butcher of Khardov in the dance of destruction; Yuri the Axe. I opted to use multiple shades of grey for the furs, which is more in-line with the art work, whilst choosing a much darker shade for the Axe head. I am satisfied with the weathering applied to the golds and steel. The whole paint job took a long time to complete simply because I spent too much time thinking when I should of been painting.

The shading applied to the clothing is something I am much happier with, previous works lacked the stark contrast necessary to enhance the details of the figure, but after much practice I remember now some of the basic applications of light and shadows.

I decided to have a little play with weathering although I think the pictures are a little bleached out, there are traces of rust on the axe head and oxidation on the gold.

I am really happy with the base, the studs are not only functional for arc marking but also look pretty good. These are 1.5mm ball bearings slotted into the base directly. I did consider painting them as jewels but constant game play would probably mean lots of excessive wear.

I am very happy with the face, I added stubble with built up grey glaze. He does have eyes but these are blocked off in the photos by the teeth of his bear hood!

With Yuri ready to lead the Manhunter corps, my vision of recreating the Butcher of Khardov's armies becomes more of a reality. I also feel that I am finally getting back to form with my painting and am in a position to start taking my standards up a notch.

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