Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Warmachine: Torch Arrives

Torch is here! I have eagerly opened up the pack and have put him together. While the glue is drying I am taking the opportunity to look at the card and share my opinions. Now this is not a full blown tactica as I feel it will take a few games before I see any obvious synergies. However on 'paper' it looks very viable for my eButcher list.

First thing that comes to mind is the improved MAT of 7, this stacked with eButcher's 'Conferred Rage' means I will be able to hit at MAT 9 with two melee weapons, considering that one of these weapons is the Ripsaw, you will probably hit and as fans of the Ripsaw know; one hit is all you will ever need. Naturally the open fist has many uses for power attacks etc. Torch also has a improved RAT of 5, at first glance it does not look significant due to the range of the spray (6 inches) and the fact that this 'jack will probably be used exclusively in combat. However throw in the fact that Torch has a spray template AND Virtuoso (use in melee) then benefits become very clear.

In terms of utility, look no further than the Smoke Bombs special action. Torch can either buff it's own DEF value or provide a very valuable DEF buff to our more fragile melee units; my Doomreavers and Kayazy Assassins come quickly to mind. To top it off, Torch gains Pathfinder during charge activations which is great when used once again with eButcher's abilities. 

So is it worth the 10 points? In my mind at the point of writing; yes. The Spriggan (same points) works well as a utility shooting/take & hold 'jack with it's flares and high armour (shield), while Torch provides combat utility on the same scale, it is designed to get to it's target and crush it. It helps bring melee units up the field and can get past obstacles, but most importantly it can use Virtuoso to create significant charge lanes from within melee...something worth considering before judging the 6 inch range.

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The 14th Legion

*Torch was available for a short time from the PP webstore over the GenCon weekend. There is no set release date yet but it is believed that this will be the 'jack release for the upcoming expansion 'Wrath'. As a result it may be a few months until it is officially released.*

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