Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Warmachine: Bank Holiday Bash!

Next weekend (28th August) will be the almost mandatory "Bank Holiday Bash" Warmachine game between myself (Butcherofkhardov PP Forum name) and my best gaming buddy (CountZero PP Forum name) and while it is always a good fun game between us, he is still chasing that elusive Butcher kill! We have decided to play a straight up assassination game at 50pts so a average size game with access to some nice units. As always I will be playing Kommander Orsus Zoktavir (epic butcher) and will be looking to run the new Torch character 'jack. I expect CountZero to continue his Mortenebra fascination and 'jack heavy steam roll list, and I would not be surprised if he decides to field the new Malice character 'jack (assuming it arrives before then).

"I must break you"

So what am I taking? Part of it is my standard formula, but there are a couple of units I have not used in MKII, but were stern favourites of mine in the previous editions. I am a firm advocate of "play the list, don't let the list play you" which basically means; I prefer to run units I know work for me rather than units perceived to work by others, I still today believe that Warmachine is one of the few games where there is no defined meta, you can take any combination of units in your list and assuming they fit your style of play, it will work regardless of how poor it looks on paper.

So without further delay here is the list I will be playing:

Kommander Orsus Zoktavir +6
Torch 10
Kodiak 8
Kodiak 8
Man O War Drakhun 4

Yuri the Axe 3
Manhunter 2
Manhunter 2

Fenris 5
Doomreavers 6
Greylord Escort 2

Widowmaker Marksmen 2
Widowmakers 4

Total 50pts (+6)

"Scum and villainy!...I mean For the Mother land!"

As always a very straight forward list but it's all about the execution right? One of the major anomalies is Torch, as it is a advanced release and a lot of the inclusion is based on hearsay and GenCon report threads. The model itself is out for delivery either today or tomorrow (fingers tightly crossed) but the uses of this 'jack weigh in heavily when considering this list, in particular the ability to use it's flame template for token generation and smoke popping abilities for concealment. Once I have the card in my hand I will be able to tell for sure if this is the 'jack for me, either way having a Ripsaw is a pretty convincing reason on it's own! The Kodiaks are staple inclusions, I love the Kodiaks and never leave home without them; although many feel they are overrated since the removal of spine crusher. For me having a 'jack that requires no focus to run (and Pathfinder!), two open fists and a chain attack potential at +2 MAT is invaluable as a focus efficient melee machine. Also the ability to pop steam provides more token generation potential and concealment bonus'. The Drakhun pretty much became an auto include in Khador armies since it's arrival, and my list is no different; I like the survivability of this Solo and as always he will form the first half of my cavalry hammer and anvil.

Onto the infantry! Good old Doomreavers. I saw a lot of success with these melee machines in the early days of Warmachine but have not tried them since getting back into the game. They are fragile as ever but also dangerous as ever, the kill potential of this unit remains high and having more magical weapons options in my list is never bad. The inclusion of the Escort is completely new to me and will be interesting and while the obvious unit buff of 'Tough" needs little explanation, I want to see if this attachment can do anything else. It is a shame that the Koldun Lord does not give Battle Wizard to this guy as I am sure that a little word change would improve the inclusion of both units incredibly. Fenris forms the hammer to the Drakhun anvil; as always he will play the part of fast and hard hitting counter/assassination role or light 'jack interceptor.

Limited range attack is present in the form of Widowmakers, more for annoyance value than anything else, I will use them to pick off 'jack systems throughout the game as per usual. Also if there is any infantry, this unit will produce a few tokens. The Marksman has been included purely for the awesome ability he confers to the unit. I had a great game with this unit last month, they were invaluable at whittling down and in some cases destroying annoying light 'jacks.

Yuri and his Manhunters are another staple to my lists, I always take Yuri and if possible I always try to fit both Manhunters into my lists. The addition of Treewalker has been a absolute boon for their assassination role. I also use them to tackle light jacks or stealth solos when I don't have a Spriggan to hand, as always I expect a lot of good things from them and a possible over reaction from my opponent.

The list is, what it is; simple. But it is something I do very well and often and I am use to weathering heavy fire and maximising the damage potentials of my surviving units. Although there are a couple of question mark units I expect to be able to adapt quickly and find utility during the game. I will be taking photos during the game and making sure that a decent bat-rep is written up. All that remains now is for Torch to arrive at the door...

Thanks for reading,
The 14th Legion

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