Friday, 27 August 2010

A quiet week and "The Fear"

It has been very busy this week as I crack on with numerous painting commissions, at the same time it has inspired me to try and pick up other figures to paint. The last four or five weeks have been a non-stop assault of Warmachine figures on the paint station and this week I finally hit burn out, so the commissions were a welcome change.

It was this week that my two new Kingdom Death figures arrived (Thanks KD guys!) and as always the figures are awesome. I really though about painting one this week but "The Fear" took over once again. 2010 has been the first year where I have sat down at the paint table for long hours in around four years so my painting skills are rusty to say the least. Readers will be able to visibly see the quality of work go from basic army painting upwards over the last few months. Yuri the Axe is a good indicator of where I should be working at as a painter and I have to say the second Kodiak is more to my old level of painting especially when compared to the first Kodiak from January.

So what is "The Fear"? it's that moment of apprehension when you start painting, knowing that you won't give it the paint job you know you can do, which ultimately leads to a unfinished paint job or in my case, leaving the figure in the box to gather dust...

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