Saturday, 24 July 2010

A Tale of Four Warmahordes 2010

Finally I have managed to convince/motivate some friends into doing a Warmachine campaign. Two of the members are heavily involved in GW; one of whom at a tournament level, so finding the time for a secondary system has been difficult. The fourth and final player is a long time friend who has been looking to get his first Butcher kill for quite some time.

Last week I took the initiative and wrote a small campaign pack with starting forces of 15 points. So far it seems that I am having the hardest time trying to make list, being so used too (spoilt) playing 75 point games. Each player will then build ad paint the figures for the lists over the next 6 months. The incremental points increase will follow the engagement guide from Warmachine MKI. I have included a few little details to promote hobby as well as game play, players will be 'penalised' for not completing the months painting pledges, which ultimately affects the overall scores.

Final faction and Warcaster submissions will be the 15th of August and once those have come in I will post the initial army lists and pictures of the figures. After that, each month the players will give me updates which I intend to share with 14th Legion readers. At the end of this campaign readers will see four battle evolved armies, with plenty of army insight and battle reports along the way.

Thanks for reading,
14th Legion

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  1. Just started up with Legion myself. What armies will you all be using?

  2. Hi CounterFett,

    Right now the factions are looking as follows:

    Legion of Everblight

    An interesting set of choices, but I remain unsurprised at the popularity of Cryx haha :)