Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tactica: Khador Manhunter

The Manhunter partially fills the role of light Warjack for the Khador army, while lacking in range damage it's ability to move fast and inflict consistent melee damage makes the unit a core choice in most Khador armies. Being a living model, it lacks the survivability of heavy armour and mass hit boxes, but makes up for this by having a much smaller base and the stealth ability.

As a living model, the Manhunter has no 'jack related restrictions to it's movement, it does not have to be in the focus range of the warcaster, and will not require focus to march or charge. On the flip side of this, you cannot allocate focus to boost or gain additional attacks. Luckily the melee potential of this unit and a few spell combinations mean that most things the Manhunter hits, dies. Perfect for solo and even Warcaster assassinations.

As a warrior model, the Manhunter does not have the luxury of high armour or massive amounts of hit boxes. The Manhunter does have good defence though and when in cover benefits greatly from defence bonuses. Stealth plays a huge part in keeping your Manhunter safe until the time to strike occurs.

Axe (x2)
Two axes are the weapons of choice. At first glance the pow and strength is not too impressive, but once you factor in the weapons master ruling (extra dice to damage), the damage potential becomes impressive to say the least.

Despite having no range weapon, the Manhunter's area of denial is large; given his immunity to rough terrain, high movement rate and smaller base, opponents will have to be very weary of potential assassinations. The Manhunter can lurk and move in areas where 'jacks will struggle, factor in advance Deployment and you have a fast and immediate threat early on n the game. The Manhunter is more than capable of taking on light 'jacks and players should should commit to combat/neutralise enemy light 'jacks and in the ideal scenario should be used to threaten caster assassination or remove high risk enemy solos (Jack Marshals come to mind).

The Manhunter brings great diversity to the Khador army. It removes the glaring weakness of a lack of speed and focus hungry units. being able to take two gives you competitive melee power and focus efficiency, especially at lower level games. It is a unit that can either pick apart your opponents army piece meal, put immense pressure on important targets or win the game with a caster kill. The decent damage out put can be pushed to exceptional levels with armour debuffs to the enemy or melee damage boosters. A Bulldoze from the Spriggan/Devastator or the extra movement from Strakhov's Feat help immensely by creating a nice charge lane and pushing the already high movement to ridiculous levels simply because it is on a 30mm base.  Use the Manhunter aggressively and force your opponent into mistakes, if your opponent diverts too much attention to the Manhunter; capitalise.

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