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Tactica: Khador Decimator

The Decimator is the latest warjack to join the Khador arsenal. Like all Khador 'jacks it's big, slow and packs a punch. What makes this 'jack different is the fact it can pack a punch from range.

Based on the Juggernaut chassis we get the usual low speed, heavy armour and high hit boxes, clocking in at the same points cost as a Destroyer. Despite being ranged like the Destroyer this is where the similarities end. The Decimator is a direct damage 'jack in both range or melee, anything it decides to target is going to be left in pieces.

As to be expected with the Juggernaut chassis, it is built to last. It can take a pounding from range (or preferably) in combat.

Revolver Cannon
Khador have been blessed with some direct damage board control, in the form of the revolver cannon! A large bore weapon that is capable of doing some serious damage to light jacks (P+S bypasses armour) and blow chunks out of heavy jacks at short range. The Revolver cannon is also ROF (Rate of Fire) 2 so if you have the focus, feel free to throw two shots at your target for guaranteed "decimation". What rolls this shooting into a all inclusive awesome package is the addition of the 'Beat back' rule; essentially for every landed shot you may push your target and move forward for the same distance, fans of the Spriggan and Devastator 'Bulldoze' will probably appreciate this ability at first glance. However despite all this ranged damage dealing potential there is a glaring problem, throwing two shots at high DEF targets will result in wasted focus if you do take the proper counter measures. Our beloved Juggernaut chassis has a low RAT value and to rely solely on it's RAT will make it a focus hog and leave the user pulling his hair out over every missed shot.

What an awesome weapon! This weapon is the be all in warjack destruction, it is very high powered being only 1 point lower in damage compared to the Juggernauts iceaxe but has the additional rule of sustained attack; essentially if you hit the first time, subsequent additional attacks will hit automatically. The prospect of 3 high strength attacks ripping into a enemy 'jack are very desirable. Much like the Revolver Cannon, this is a direct damage weapon which can become a focus hog especially if used with low focus/variable focus casters, so be sure that the target you want is reachable before loading the Ripsaw up with focus. Like the majority of our 'jack weapons the Ripsaw lacks 'Reach'  so be wary of all those jacks who can melee you from a distance.

The Revolver cannon excels at controlling ground and extending control. Beat back has numerous uses of creating charge lanes but from the safety of range where the bulk of the 'jack cannot provide an additional hindrance (Spriggan/Devastator). Further more the allowance to move forward per hit allows the 'jack to keep up a steady pace, perfect for a crawling gun line. In some ways this removes at least some of the problems of low RAT where the Decimator may opt to stay stationary, aim to get RAT bonus, fire and with a little luck crawl forward due to 'Beat Back'.

Tactics & Synergies
The key to getting the most out of your Decimator is to make sure it hits. Boosting hit rolls and wanting the second shot is very costly so this needs to be factored in to your overall army list especially if you intend the Decimator to be the primary 'jack in your army.

*Kodiak & Spriggan set up*
Kodiaks have the excellent chain attack: Grab & Smash. Which essentially means after landing the primary attacks you may choose a power attack as a follow up. By choosing Headbutt or any of the throws, you will present the Decimator a stationary target to either fire at; or commit a follow up charge with a fully loaded Ripsaw attack. The Spriggan allows for the removal of defensive bonus' using flares, always handy if you are playing ranged domination.

*Greylord Ternion & Koldun Lord*
Icecage is a very good utility spell, reducing the defensive stat of the target per Greylord. If all three Greylords hit, then the target becomes stationary, again allowing the Decimator to unleash two shots at range or put the Ripsaw to use. The addition of a Koldun will alleviate some of the focus strain by providing (1) focus per turn for your Decimator. This unit combination is very strong and when used correctly, the high points costs of both units will certainly pay off.
Prime Sorscha - Multiple spells that cause the target to be stationary or knocked down. The short range of the spells work well with the short range of the Decimator. Sorscha's low focus means a focus battery will be needed.

Prime Vlad - Signs & Portents as ever is very useful at helping alleviate hit issues and also at maximising damage rolls.

Butcher (any form) - Really just for the close combat potential. As long as it can hit, the Decimator has massive damage potential under both incarnations of the Butcher. Just wait for the look on your opponents face when you hit with Ripsaw, rolling 4D6 for damage sustained. Using some of the options above would be highly recommended when running the Decimators with this caster.

As the junior Khador 'jack, the Decimator has a lot to live up to, the Khador armies already have dedicated melee 'jacks in the form of the Juggernaut and Destroyer for range; so finding justification for the Decimator may be difficult at first, especially with the points cost. What must be remembered is that this jack is a single target 'jack; what ever it hits will be obliterated and this is what needs to be capitalised on and makes it different to the aforementioned. As long as you can remove the focus hog nature and negate the low RAT, you will see the Decimator perform a role that no other 'jack in the army provides. It is a great opportunist 'jack which can lead the charge, hold the line and under the right circumstances assassinate.I have had a lot of good fortune with my two Decimators, who now form a strong centre in my list along side the Spriggan. 

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