Monday, 12 July 2010

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Lots of productivity last week, I managed to stay on track with the one painted figure a week and this week (so far seems on target). The arrival of Kingdom Death's Gorm is a sobering reminder that I do have other things to paint other than Warmachine so time should probably be made at the end of the month to fit these in. On the subject of other figures to paint, I have amassed a large collection of Anima Tactics and Infinity figures, which again need to be painted. It looks like I won't be leaving the paint table any time soon!...

The Khador Tactica grows from strength to strength and this week will be no exception. This Friday I take a shift from the Warjack's and focus on some of the strong infantry base that makes up the Khador army. I have also received questions asking if I plan to expand the Tactica or leave it exclusive to Khador. My principal is this; "know your foe" so yes I will eventually be covering the other main factions in the future.

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