Sunday, 11 July 2010

Kingdom Death: Gorm Un-boxing

This weekend saw the arrival of Kingdom Death's Gorm, the companies first large monstrous creature model. I had the privilege of not only meeting Adam Poots but also seeing the master model of the Gorm back in April this year (Salute). The Gorm is a strange looking creature which can basically be summed up as a baby headed elephant, Angler fish. The Gorm arrived in a minimalistic card board box with the Kingdom Death font.

I put my order in almost as soon as the newsletter arrived and true to my order, I have the honour of owning number 1 of 100 of the limited casts (Thanks KD Team!). They have also included a little 'thank you for your purchase' card and a post card sized picture of the artwork. All these little additions; in this writers opinion go a long way to securing the fan base and the focus of this product really being for the fans.

The figure is very detailed, with a number of smaller components that make up the monstrous maw of this creature. What I find very disturbing is the head itself, those large eyes and baby features are truly the stuff of nightmares. 

The arms that fit around the mouth are very fragile, with some parts as thin as the White Speaker's bow. Great care will be needed not just in construction but also painting, it would be all to easy to break the appendages with a careless brush flick.

The only problem I can write about is the high standard of Kingdom Deaths miniatures quality. As a boutique figure seller, they have boutique prices and while the prices are fully justifiable for the quality, it can become a daunting task trying to pull out a paint job deserving of this figure range. To date I own all the current figures produced; and while I anticipate more from this great range, I have not actually painted any of them in fear of doing a bad job! From a gamers perspective, Kingdom Death have spoken of a dungeon board game to accompany the figures; while while not the focus of the company a gaming system for these fabulous figures will lift them up from eye candy to fully fledged wargaming figures. which in my mind will open up more sales (assuming that is the direction wanted). The Gorm makes for an excellent Daemonic creature/spawn for popular war gaming systems and would be perfect as a random boss event in any rpg.

So congratulations to Kingdom Death, in my opinion this model is a step forward for the company and I (as always) eagerly look to the companies next release.

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