Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Hordes: Captain Gunnbjorn

This summer Privateer Press released Hordes MKII, fans have already seen the infamous Lord Carver and his Warhog. But today Privateer present us this:

Described as a ex-Cygnar soldier, Gunnbjorn brings modern tactics to the Trollblood Kriels (with his obscenely large heavy bazooka as a backup!). This figure is pure eye candy and is consistent with the previous released Horde's images in terms of detail and inventiveness. It might just be enough to make me break out my Trollblood's army again.

Captain Gunnbjorn is slated for a early September release, secure your Hordes here: www.WaylandGames.co.uk

Thank you for reading,
the 14th Legion

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