Thursday, 17 June 2010

Space Marine

I have to say I am not one for computer games these days, outside of strategy games there is very little I find my self interested enough to play on a regular basis as I would rather roll some dice. However throw in the Warhammer 40,000 mythos and that is another story. I still have fond memories of Space Hulk on the Amiga right the way up to the current game franchise of Dawn of War 2. Last year THQ (the primary company using Games Workshop licenses) are extending their product to the console in the form of "Space Marine". Below is the current trailer for the game and I have to admit, I am impressed; especially by the Marine smashing through a concrete barricade to get to an Ork!

The game looks to be a platform based shooter/slasher with plenty of opportunity to pour bolter fire into greenskins as there are opportunities to put them to the (chain) sword. Of course the major question on most people's minds is "Whats the multi-play content like?" and "Do I have to play Ultramarines?". It would be a shame if this game was limited to a single player format and I hope that online play is something THQ have factored in for sustained interest, time will tell however.

Space Marine is probably scheduled for a autumn release on the Xbox 360.

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