Thursday, 10 June 2010

Legion Updates

May was a very busy month with the launch of the 14th Legion Blog and June is looking to be just as hectic. Last month I showed a few works in progress shots of my Heresy era Death Guard army and discussed other potential figures/armies I would be adding to my collection throughout this year. The Death Guard received further reinforcements this morning in the form of Forge World's Plague Hulk. I only got a quick peek at it, but I was very impressed with what I saw, the intention is to use it as a close combat Defiler under the current Chaos Space Marines codex and on a more random note, I realise that the Plague Hulk signals the completion of my Forge World Nurgle purchases.

Forge World's Nurgle range has been the main reason for me to get back into 40K and painting, and I hope that in the future they release more for this range or that perhaps Games Workshop follows suit and produce high quality Chaos figures with a Legion based rules set.

Over the last two weeks I have been thinking hard about the colours of my Death Guard, the original premise was to paint them in Pre-Heresy colours: White with a green trim. However I found that this would not really match the Nurgle Death Guard as they achieved their current appearance late into the Heresy itself. in a singular event. A more authentic colour scheme would actually be the corroded green and rust armour they currently use, after all it was under this "scheme" that they revealed their true allegiances at the invasion of Terra. I am currently working on my first squad of Death Guard and as far as I can tell the scheme I am using is working (photos end of week), and while it is a slow process at the moment the result will be worth it and I am sure that as I get use to the routine, that I will naturally speed up.

The vision of having a fully painted army is finally coming true as I have not lost any enthusiasm with the project despite so many distractions. There are still many things I have to built and show off (namely the Stormbird) and I have already planned new additions to the army such as custom converted Plaguebearers and my own custom sculpt Plague Hulk. The photo galleries will be getting a update this week as I add old photos of my Khador Warmachine collection and photos of the now completed Blight Drone, so please keep your eyes on the blog.

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