Friday, 4 June 2010

Hog wild!

It has been a very GW orientated year so far and quite frankly I need a change of scenery. I was a very avid collector of Warmachine but stopped focusing on the game this year as releases slowly trickled out with MKII. However with the advent of Hordes MKII I have gathered new steam (pun intended). While the Khador army remains boxed, a whole bunch of Farrows were unboxed. Due to the limited number of units it feels like a brand new army despite having been released some time ago.

 Lord Farrow is pretty much the main reason why I have come back to the Privateer fold, I was not so impressed with the War Hog (below) but with the release of a Farrow warlock, my options of fielding a full Farrow army are becoming reality.

Privateer Press Chris Walton's comments on the War Hog: "I think this guy will look awesome next to our previous Farrow heavy, Brine. Where Brine is nature gone wrong, this guy is science gone horribly awry. I also like the ironic touches of arming him with two meat cleavers"

So why Farrow? Well after collecting and painting almost every Khador figure from Prime release onwards, I really needed a change of colour! I dabbled very briefly in Trollkin but despite the great models, I could not bring myself to paint so much blue (partially due to a large Cygnar commission I had been working on). Also I really like the sculpts, more so than the Trollkin as boarmen are not something you see too often in other game systems so again the change is most welcome especially in a game set where four major factions are the standard. From a rules perspective, I have enjoyed what I have read (despite the comical swine references) and look forward to playing this unique force over the coming year. I am sure my regular Cryx opponent will be shocked and probably a little delighted that I am leaving the Khador boxed up for now and switching to something very alien to me.

Lord Carver, the War Hog and Hordes MKII will be released on the 28th July. For those not suffering from Hog fever now is probably as good a time as any to reinforce you existing Warmachine and Hordes armies especially with Hordes MKII looming. I have to admit the more I look at the Warhog, the more I agree that it is going to look amazing standing next to Brine, more Farrow Warbeasts please!

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