Friday, 14 May 2010

Kingdom Death: White Lion & Gorm preview

I had a great opportunity to meet the Kingdom Death team at Salute 2010, I was amazed at the figures they brought to the show and eagerly purchased up most of the range on the day. I had seen Kingdom Death before but was unable to get hold of the figures due to limited production run, having met them face to face (really nice people!) I have become hooked. The art direction and sculpting style is just what I want/expect from a company labelling themselves as boutique figures.

The White lion is now available for to buy on their web store, I did have the opportunity to buy the Lion at Salute but had already gone way over my budget (Studio McVey was next door - total destruction of my bank account). The White lion is a superb model and a unique creature release, it can easily be proxied for a number of gaming systems (add some armour and you have a War online, White Lion). Needless to say I will be getting this figure to add to my complete (courtesy of the Box of Death) current collection.

Also featured in this months letter is the preview of the upcoming monster "Gorm". Again I was lucky enough to see this figure at Salute and it is another (grotesque) beauty. It is a very detailed sculpt indeed, just look at the feeder arms at the front of that scary looking mouth! I am really looking forward to this pre-order in the future.

Check out Kingdom Death here: CLICK I am sure you will like what you see.

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