Monday, 24 May 2010

Kingdom Death: Gorm Advance Order

 First production run of Gorm is now available to pre-order, the first run is limited to 150 casts with the batch to be divided between the aren't store and affiliates, and like the previously released Twilight Knight will come with a 6x4 Art print, signed/numbered certificate and alternate hands. The final model is shown below with a Space Marine for scale comparison.

As you can see Gorm is massive and can easily be used to represent any Spawn/Daemonic mount/beast option you can think of, my order is now placed and I am looking forward to taking up the paint challenge for this awesome looking figure. I think in the short term I will use Gorm as my second Daemon Prince HQ for private games, until the forth coming GW Daemon Prince arrives for sanctioned play.

Gorm First run collectors model is priced at $55.00 and is in the process of being cast, with potential shipping early June. Order your Gorm here: ORDER

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