Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Citadel Miniatures Catalogue 2010

Games Workshop have announced on Advance order the Citadel catalogue 2010, while this will pale in comparison to previous catalogues since the removal of bits purchase, it may be a valuable resource for series collectors.

While older collectors/convertors like myself still lament the loss of individual bits components, one thing this catalogue states is that the bitz pack options will be listed and available in this catalogue, so at least it can function as a source of some basic conversion parts ie Space Marine shoulder pads, melta guns etc.

From the pictures taken from the news letter, it seems that the plastic scenery range will also be covered in the catalogue. Hopefully this will be in the form of clear and concise photos so that potential buyers will get the accurate impression needed before investing in the pricey Games Workshop scenery range. 

The timing of this release (19th June) falls nicely into the time frame of Winter/Christmas advertising, most likely a pre-emptive attempt to make the Christmas period run smoother for retail staff. Since I have been away from Games Workshop products for a while, I will pick one up as they are a great resource for older/returning gamers to catch up releases of the last 5 years. While I expect change to be minimal, there are bound to be some gem items that I have missed.

Games Workshop's Citadel Catalogue 2010 is available for Advance order now priced £12.00 

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