Monday, 24 May 2010

Chaos Daemons Sneak Peek

Over the weekend, some of the major Warhammer blogs managed to get access to pictures of the Summer Chaos Daemons release. As expected there are a number of new plastic fillers such as the Seekers of Slannesh, Juggernauts and of course Horrors as well as a number of metal character releases. There is still no sign of any Nurgle stuff which points to a third wave release for 2011. 

I have pulled up some of my personal favourites of this summers Daemonic incursion.

Fateweaver is a Tzeentch special character, and in my opinion a very fine sculpt considering how old the current Lord of Change is. There has been a lot of discontent for the upcoming releases, but for me I see a lot of improvement in the sculpting direction with the two headed character being a nice throwback to the original twin head Lord of Change from Realms of Chaos. This figure will be just as good used as a "standard" Lord of Change, but being a all metal figure I will be anxious to see how much when taking into account the June Games Workshop price rise.

Now I have to say that the wait has been worth every minute for this figure, this is a far more fitting picture to use for the new plastic Daemon Prince boxset. This miniautre shows exactly what Chaos is about and I am looking forward to picking up this monstrosity to use as my second HQ choice for project Death Guard. Being a plastic kit we can expect pricing to be in line with monstrous creatures so anywhere around the £25 - £30 mark, while not unexpected this will undoubtedly return the Daemon Prince to a luxury item price range with at least a decent looking model to back up the pricing.  The only problem now is, how to dispose of the recently purchased metal Daemon Prince.

So August finally brings some joy to non Imperial players, after a year of Imperial product bombardment the "smaller" market of non astarte's players are getting some of those desparatly needed plastics to fill our armies with. The New Chaos Daemons reinforcements are cited for a August release so expect advance orders to come up end of June.

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